layout artist & graphic designer

Jean Verne has an eye for patterns and structures, whether in texts or aesthetics. Coming from a literature background, he combines his research and creative skills to give his layouts a unique spin.He can help you with layout, art direction and package design.Jean can be reached on Twitter or via email if you have questions about a project, he will happily answer them.

Commissioned work

Layout and card design for You Meet In A Tavern, You Die In A Dungeon by Ursidice. Art by Hodag.

Layout for Aberrant Reflections by DirectSun. Art by Jacob Fleming.

Layout and art direction for Sunderwald, a legacy TTRPG by Long Tail Games. Art by Joana Solà, writing by Richard Kelly.

Card design and rule booklet for A Brazen Crown, a card game by Long Tail Games. Art by Perplexing Ruins, writing by Brendan Evans.

Art direction and creation of visual assets for Goblin Archives' profile and Liminal Horror.

Other layout credits


A selection of illustrations and covers made for various projects.

Cover art for thematic playlists.

Personal Projects

Projects I wrote and did the layout for, with commissioned art or taken from the public domain.

Oniria's Slumber - a TROIKA hack and setting (2021)

Reminiscence of Decay - a solo journaling game inspired by Annhiliation and Roadside Picnic (2021)

Collection of pamphlets: Follow the Convoy, Protect thy Neighbour and Jack in the Box.

Almanac of Lost Places - a catalogue of weird maps (2022)

Jean is a consummate professional. Working with him has been a delight and his communication, speed (even when a fast turnaround wasn’t required) and dedication has made the process seamless. From the initial pitch through to producing mockups and finished products, Jean works to ensure that he understands the goals of the project and asks considered questions throughout that show he cares about key aspects that make a project shine. If you want someone to bring polish and excellence to your project, hire Jean!

- Matt Jones (Ursidice)

Working with Jean has been a pleasure, he is quick to respond and attentive to details. Jean is both professional and delightful to work with and I hope to continue working with Jean for years to come.

- Rookie Jet Studio

For real, Jean was so patient and attentive with scatter-brained me. My design sensibilities aren't trained enough to discuss methods concretely, yet Jean applied what I said/evoked/suggested/shared into a design precisely tailored to my vision. Beyond my vision, even. Spectacular fella to work with!

- Chris Airiau, 5 Million Worlds Press

Jean did a fantastic job supporting me through this process. Going into the process I knew I wanted a more cohesive page for my product but didn't have a concrete vision for what that would be. During our initial meeting Jean was able to use present visual references, example pages, and ask questions that helped me realize the vision for what I wanted. Together we were able to create a framework that Jean then used to create a finished product that not only meets my needs but help build a visual language for my product.

- Goblin Archives

Jean is a talented graphic designer with a versatile skillset and huge range - from grungy to minimal to decadent and back again. Communication is clear and the timelines are always met. What more could you want?

- Long Tail Games

Jean is a joy to work with. Aberrant Reflections would not have been the same without them. Meticulously fitting all elements on their spread and making the project usable at the table were our main goals and Jean hit all marks with flying colors. The zine gets most of its compliments on it's layout and it's not hard to see why.

- Directsun Games